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Chiral Nano-Spintronic Devices

With the increasing demand for miniaturization, nanostructures are likely to become the primary components of future integrated circuits. Spin electronics devices (spintronics) are a promising next-generation approach allowing high speed and low power. A new, promising, effective approach for spintronics has emerged using spin selectivity in electron transport through chiral molecules, termed Chiral-Induced Spin Selectivity (CISS). Our lab uses coupling between chiral molecules and magnetic materials for next-generation spintronic devices. Organic molecules are attractive for applications due to their low cost, variability, environmental friendliness, and facile manufacturing. We were able to fabricate hybrid organic-inorganic thin films with up to 100% spin polarization, spin memristor, magnetic passivation for noise reduction, and more.

We are currently looking to expand our approach to novel materials such as antiferromagnets and chiral-topological spin textures allowing for ultra-dense, low-energy memory devices. In addition, we will use semiconducting nanowires, to create spintronics memories, sensors, and logic devices.

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