Published Work

Peptide-Encapsulated Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube-Based Near-Infrared Optical Nose for Bacteria Detection and Classification

Chiral Induced Spin Selectivity and Its Implications for Biological Functions

R. Naaman, Y. Paltiel, and D. H. Waldeck


Unconventional Meissner screening induced by chiral molecules in a conventional superconductor

H. Alpern, M. Amundsen, R. Hartmann, N. Sukenik, A. Spuri, S. Yochelis, T. Prokscha, V. Gutkin, Y. Anahory, E. Scheer, J. Linder, Z. Salman, O. Millo, Y. Paltiel, and A. Di Bernardo

Metal Organic Spin Transistor

N. Goren, T. Kumar Das , N. Brown, S. Gilead, S. Yochelis, E. Gazit, R. Naaman, and Y. Paltiel

Evidence for new enantiospecific interaction force in chiral biomolecules

Y. Kapon, A. Saha, T. Duanis-Assaf, T. Stuyver, A. Ziv, T. Metzger, S. Yochelis, S. Shaik, R. Naaman, M. Reches, Y. Paltiel

Interplay between friction and spin-orbit coupling as a source of spin polarization

A. G. Volosniev, H. Alpern, Y. Paltiel, O. Millo, M. Lemeshko, A. Ghazaryan

Magnetic passivation using chiral molecules

N. Goren, S. Yochelis, G. Jung, Y. Paltiel

Unconventional Meissner screening induced by chiral molecules in a conventional superconductor

H. Alpern, M. Amundsen, R. Hartmann, N. Sukenik, A. Spuri, S. Yochelis, T. Prockscha, V. Gutkin, Y. Anahory, E. Scheer, J. Linder, Z. Salman, O. Millo, Y. Paltiel, A. Di-Bernardo

Simultaneous High-Purity Enantiomeric Resolution of Conglomerates Using Magnetic Substrates

D. Bhowmick, Y. Sang, K. Santra, M. Halbauer, E. Capua, Y. Paltiel, R. Naaman, F. Tassinari

Marine cyanobacteria tune energy transfer efficiency in their light-harvesting antennae by modifying pigment coupling

Y. Kolodny, H. Zer, M. Propper, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel, N. Keren

Dynamic Spin-Controlled Enantioselective Catalytic Chiral Reactions

T. Metzger, R.Siam, Y. Kolodny, N. Goren, N. Sukenik, S. Yochelis, R. Abu-Raziq, D. Avnir, Y. Paltiel

Chirality Nanosensor with Direct Electric Readout by Coupling of Nanofloret Localized Plasmons with Electronic Transport

A. Ziv, O. Shoseyov, P. Karadan, B. P. Bloom, S. Goldring, T. Metzger, S. Yochelis, D. H. Waldeck, R. Yerushalmi, Y. Paltiel

Metal Organic Spin Transistor

N. Goren, T. K. Das, N Brown, S. Gilead, S. Yochelis, E. Gazit, R. Naaman, Y. Paltiel

Transient Dissipative Optical Properties of Aggregated Au Nanoparticles, CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots, and Supramolecular Nucleic Acid-Stabilized Ag Nanoclusters

Y. Ouyang, P. Zhang, H. Manis-Levy, Y. Paltiel, I Willner

A nanoscale optical biosensor based on peptide encapsulated SWCNTs for detection of acetic acid in the gaseous phase

V. Shumeiko, E. Malach, Y. Helman, Y. Paltiel, G. Bisker, Z. Hayouka, O. Shoseyov

The spin selectivity effect in chiral materials

D. H. Waldeck, R. Naaman, Y. Paltiel

A nanoscale paper-based near-infrared optical nose (NIRON)

V. Shumeiko, Y. Paltiel, G. Bisker, Z. Hayouka, O. Shosayov

Long-Time-Scale Magnetization Ordering Induced by an Adsorbed Chiral Monolayer on Ferromagnets

I. Meirzada, N. Sukenik, G. Haim, S. Yochelis, L. T. Baczewski, Y. Paltiel, N. Bar-Gill

Chiral spintronics

S. H. Yang, R. Naaman, Y. Paltiel, S. S. P. Parkin


Structure-based Hamiltonian model for IsiA uncovers a highly robust pigment–protein complex

H. Schoffman, W. M. Brown, Y. Paltiel, N. Keren, E. M. Gauger

Universal proximity effects in hybrid superconductor–linker molecule–nanoparticle systems: The effect of molecular chirality

M. Periyasamy, H. Bradshaw, N. Sukenik, H. Alpern, S. Yochelis, J. W. A. Robinson, O. Millo, Y. Paltiel

Correlation between Ferromagnetic Layer Easy Axis and the Tilt Angle of Self Assembled Chiral Molecules

N. Sukenik, F. Tassinari, S. Yochelis, O. Millo, L. T. Baczewski, Y. Paltiel

Electronic transport through single polyalanine molecules

D. Slawig, T. N. H. Nguyen, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel, C. Tegenkamp

A Paper-Based Near-Infrared Optical Biosensor for Quantitative Detection of Protease Activity Using Peptide-Encapsulated SWCNTs

V. Shumeiko, Y. Paltiel, G. Bisker, Z. Hayouka, O. Shoseyov

Energy Sources of the Depth-Generalist Mixotrophic Coral Stylophora pistillata

S. Martinez, Y. Kolodny, E. Shemesh, F. Scucchia, R. Nevo, S. Levin-Zaidman, Y. Paltiel, N. Keren, D. Tchernoy, T. Mass

Room-Temperature Inter-Dot Coherent Dynamics in Multilayer Quantum Dot Materials

E. Collini, H. Gattuso, Y. Kolodny, L. Bolzonello, A. Volpato, H. T. Fridman, S. Yochelis, M. Mor, J. Dehnel, E. Lifshitz, Y. Paltiel, R. D. Levine, F. Remacle

Chiral Induced Spin Selectivity Gives a New Twist on Spin-Control in Chemistry

R. Naaman, Y. Paltiel, D. H. Waldeck 

Optical Multilevel Spin Bit Device Using Chiral Quantum Dots

H. Al-Bustami, B. P. Bloom, A. Ziv, S. Goldring, S. Yochelis, R. Naaman, D. H. Waldeck, Y. Paltiel 

Molecular Fingerprint Detection Using Portable Water‐Compatible Electronic Tunneling Spectroscopy Device

P. Karadan, A. Ziv, A. Tzaguy, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel, R. Yerushalmi

Magnetic oriented microparticles preparation

T. S. Metzger, A. Schneider, N. Goren, A. Ziv, Y. Tocatly, E. Avigad, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel

Control of magneto-optical properties of cobalt-layers by adsorption of α-helical polyalanine self-assembled monolayers

A. Sharma, P. Matthes, I. Soldatov, S. S. P. K. Arekapudi, B. Bohm, M. Linder, O. Selyshchev, N. T. N. Ha, M. Mehring, C. Tegenkamp, S. E. Schultz, D. R. T. Zahn, Y. Paltiel, O. Hellwig, G. Salvan

Asymmetric reactions induced by electron spin polarization

B. P. Bloom, Y. Lu, T. Metzger, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel, C. Fontanesi, S. Mishra, F. Tassinari, R. Naaman, D. H. Waldeck

Tuning Quantum Dots Coupling Using Organic Linkers with Different Vibrational Modes

Y. Kolodny, S. Fererra, V. Borin, S. Yochelis, C. N. Dibenedetto, M. Mor, J. Dehnel, S. Remmenik, E. Fanizza, M. Striccoli, I. Schapiro, E. Lifshitz, Y. Paltiel

The Role of Exchange Interactions in the Magnetic Response and Inter-Molecular Recognition of Chiral Molecules

A. Dianat, R. Gutierrez, H. Alpern, V. Mujica, A. Ziv, S. Yochelis, O. Milo, Y. Paltiel, G. Cuniberti

Increasing the Transition Temperature of High-Tc Superconductor Thin Films by Organic Linking of Gold Nanoparticles

H. Alpern, M. Periyasamy, J. Sannous, G. Jung, I. Zaytseva, A. Rosova, S. Chromik, V. Strbik, M. Talacko, S. Yochelis, Y. Yacoby, O. Millo, Y. Paltiel 

Analytic Model of Chiral-Induced Spin Selectivity

A. Ghazaryan, Y. Paltiel, M. Lemeshko

Charge-Ordered α-Helical Polypeptide Monolayers on Au(111)

N. T. N. Ha, A. Sharma, D. Slawig, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel, D. R. T. Zahn, G. Salvan, C. Tegenkamp

Selective enantiomer purification using magnetic oriented interacting microparticles

T. S. Metzger, Y. Tokatly, E. Avigad, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel, 

Coupling effects in QD dimers at sub-nanometer interparticle distance

C. N. Dibenedetto, E. Fanizza, R. Brescia, Y. Kolodny, S. Remennik, A. Panniello, N. Depalo, S. Yochelis, R. Comparelli, A. Agostiano, M. L. Curri, Y. Paltiel, M. Striccoli

Effect of Chiral Molecules on the Electron’s Spin Wavefunction at Interfaces

S. Ghosh, S. Mishra, E. Avigad, B. P. Bloom, L. T. Baczewski, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel, R. Naaman, D. H. Waldeck

The Electron Spin as a Chiral Reagent

T. S. Metzger, S. Mishra, B. P. Bloom, N. Goren, A. Neubauer, G. Shmul, J. Wei, S. Yochelis, F. Tassinari, C. Fontanesi, D. H. Waldeck, Y. Paltiel, R. Naaman

Chiral Molecules and the Spin Selectivity Effect

R. Naaman,  Y. Paltiel, D. H. Waldeck


Photosystem II core quenching in desiccated Leptolyngbya ohadii

R. R. Choubeh, L. Bar-Eyal, Y. Paltiel, N. Keren, P. C. Struik, H. van Amerongen

An n-Bit Adder Realized via Coherent Optical Parallel Computing

B. Reznychenko, E. Mazer, M. Coden, E. Collini, C. N. DiBenedetto, A. Donval, B. Fresch, H. Gattuso, N. Gross, Y. Paltiel, F. Remacle, M. Striccoli

Chiral molecules-ferromagnetic interfaces, an approach towards spin controlled interactions

R. Naaman, D. H. Waldeck, Y. Paltiel

The electron spin as a chiral reagent

R. Naaman, T. S. Metzger, S. Mishra, B. P. Bloom, N. Goren, A. Neubauer, G. Shmul, J. Wei, S. Yochelis, F. Tassinari, C. Fontanesi, D. H. Waldeck, Y. Paltiel

Photosystem II core quenching in desiccated Leptolyngbya ohadii

R. R. Choubeh, L. Bar-Eyal, Y. Paltiel, N. Keren, P. C. Struik, H. Van Amerongen

Magnetic-related States and Order Parameter Induced in a Conventional Superconductor by Nonmagnetic Chiral Molecules

H. Alpern, K. Yavilberg, T. Dvir, N. Sukenik, M. Klang, S. Yochelis, H. Cohen, E. Grosfeld, H. Steinberg, Y. Paltiel, O. Millo

AFM‐Based Spin‐Exchange Microscopy Using Chiral Molecules

A. Ziv, A. Saha, H. Alpern, N. Sukenik, L. T. Baczewzki, S. Yochelis, M. Reches, Y Paltiel

Simple fabrication of SWIR detectors based on wet deposition of carbon nanotubes and quantum dots

L. Saltoun Raz, E. Sachyani Keneth, Y. Jang, A. Shapiro, E. Cohen, S. Yochelis, E. Lifshitz, S. Magdassi, Y. Paltiel

Marine Cyanobacteria Tune Energy Transfer Efficiency in their Light-harvesting Antennae by Modifying Pigment Coupling

Y. Kolodny, H. Zer, M. Propper, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel, N. Keren

Enantioseparation by crystallization using magnetic substrates

F. Tassinari, J. Steidel, S. Paltiel, C. Fontanesi, M. Lahav, Y. Paltiel, R. Naaman

Spin-Exciton Delocalization Enhancement in Multilayer Chiral Linker/Quantum Dot Structures

H. Fridman, J. Dehnel, S. Yochelis, E. Lifshitz, Y. Paltiel

Broad-band high-gain room temperature photodetectors using semiconductor–metal nanofloret hybrids with wide plasmonic response

A. Ziv, A. Tzaguy, Z. Sun, S. Yochelis, E. Statakis, G. Kenanakis, G. C. Schatz, L. J. Lauhon, D. N. Seidman, Y. Paltiel, R. Yerushalmi

Chiral molecules and the electron spin

R. Naaman, Y. Paltiel, D. H. Waldeck

Electric Field-Controlled Magnetization in GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructures–Chiral Organic Molecules Hybrids

E. Z. B. Smolinsky, A. Neubauer, A. Kumar, S. Yochelis, E. Capua, R. Carmieli, Y. Paltiel, R. Naaman, K. Michaeli 

3D-strain induced superconductivity in La2CuO4+ using a simple vertically aligned nanocomposite approach

E. M. Choi, A. Di Bernardo, B. Zho, P. Lue, H. Alpern, K. H. L. Zhang, T. Shapira, J. Feinghan, X. Sun, J. Robinson, Y. Paltiel, O. Millo, H. Wang, Q. Jia, J. Driscoll 

Simple multi spectral detection using infrared nanocrystal detector

A. Neubauer, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel

Single Domain 10 nm Ferromagnetism Imprinted on Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles Using Chiral Molecules

G. Koplovitz, G. Leitus, S. Ghosh, B. P. Bloom, S. Yochelis, D. Rotem, F. Vischo, M. Striccoli, E. Fanizza, R. Naaman, D. H. Waldeck, D. Porath, , Y. Paltiel

Helical Ordering of α-l-Polyalanine Molecular Layers by Interdigitation

T. N. Ha Nguyen, D. Solonenko, O. Selyshchev, P. Vogi, D. R. T. Zhan,S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel, C. Tegenkamp


Unconventional order parameter induced by helical chiral molecules adsorbed on a metal proximity coupled to a superconductor

T. Shapira, H. Alpern, S. Yochelis, T. K. Lee, C.-C. Kaun, Y. Paltiel, G. Koren, O. Millo

Chirality and Spin: A Different Perspective on Enantioselective Interactions

R. Naaman, Y. Paltiel, D. H. Waldeck

Optical Chiral Induced Spin Selectivity XMCD Study

O. Ben-Dor, S. Yochelis, O. Hendrik, Y. Paltiel

Quantum Dot Coupling in a Vertical Transport Device under Ambient Conditions

A. Perlman Illouz, E. Cohen, U. Peskin, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel

Single Nano-particle Magnetic Spin Memristor

H. El-Bustami, G. Koplovitz, D. Primc, S. Yochelis, E. Capua, D. Porath, R. Naaman, Y. Paltiel

Four-Wave Mixing in GaN Waveguides

D. Munk, M. Katzman, O. Westreich, M. Bin Nun, Y. Lior, N. Sicron, Y. Paltiel, A. Zadok

Reducing Optical Losses in GaN Waveguides – Toward an Electro‐Optic Phase Modulator

O. Westreich, G. Atar, Y. Paltiel, N. Sicron

Determining the Molecular Dipole Orientation on Nanoplasmonic Structures

T. A. R. Purcell, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel, T, Seidman

Separation of enantiomers by their enantiospecific interaction with achiral magnetic substrates

K. Banerjee-Ghosh, O. Ben Dor, F. Tassinari, E. Capua, S. Yochelis, A. Capua, S. H. Yang, S. S. P. Parkin, S. Sarkar, L. Kronik, L. T. Baczewski, R. Naaman, Y. Paltiel

Photosynthetic Energy Transfer at the Quantum/Classical Border

N. Keren, Y. Paltiel

Photoinduced electron transfer in the reaction centers

 N. Adir, N. Keren, Y. Paltiel, A. Shperberg-Avni, L. Bar-Eyal 

Fast Energy Transfer in CdSe Quantum Dot Layered Structures: Controlling Coupling with Covalent-Bond Organic Linkers

E. Cohen, P. Komm, N. Rosenthal-Strauss, J. Dehnel, E. Lifshitz, S. Yochelis, R. D. Levine, F. Remacle, B. Fresch, G. Marcus, Y. Paltiel

Chiral Molecule- Enhanced Extinction Ratios of Quantum Dots to Random Plasmonic Structures

L. Bezen, S. Yochelis, D. Jayarathna, D. Bhunia, C. Achim, Y. Paltiel

Enhanced Vortex Pinning in Nb Using Proximity Effect Through Organic Molecules

E. Katzir, N. Sukenik, H. Alpern, S. Yochelis, O. Millo, Y. Paltiel

Four-Wave Mixing and Nonlinear Parameter Meassurement in a Gallium-Nitride Ridge Waveguide

D. Munk, M. Katzman, O. Westreich, M. Bin Nun, Y. Lior, N. Sicron, Y. Paltiel, A. Zadok

Proximity Effect Through Chiral Molecules in Nb-Graphene Based Devices

N. Sukenik, H. Alpern, E. Katzir, S. Yochelis, O. Millo, Y. Paltiel


Self-formed nanogap junctions for electronic detection and characterization of molecules and quantum dots

A. Ziv, A. Tzaguy, O. Hazut, S. Yochelis, R. Yerushalmi, Y. Paltiel

Confined water dynamics in hydrated photosynthetic pigment-protein complex

Y. Kurzweil-Segev, I. Popov, I. Eisenberg, S. Yochelis, N. Keren, Y. Paltiel, Y. Feldman

Enhancement of near infrared light sensing using side-gate modulation

A. Neubauer, A. Shapiro, S. Yochelis, E. Capua, R. Naaman, E. Lifshitz, Y. Paltiel

Changes in aggregation states of light-harvesting complexes as a mechanism for modulating energy transfer in desert crust cyanobacteria

L. Bar-Eyal, R. Ranjbar Choubeh, E. Cohen, I. Eisenberg, C. Tamburu, M. Dorogi, R. Unnep, MS. Appavou, R. Nevo, U. Raviv, Z. Reich, G. Garab, H. van Amerongen, Y. Paltiel, N. Keren

Optical losses in p-type layers of GaN ridge waveguides in the IR region

O. Westreich, M. Katz, G. Atar, Y. Paltiel, N. Sicron

Dynamic control of the vortex pinning potential in a superconductor using current injection through nanoscale patterns

Y. Kalcheim, E. Katzir, F. Zeides, N. Katz, Y. Paltiel, O. Millo

Concentration-based self-assembly of phycocyanon

I. Eisenberg, D. Harris, Y. Levi-Kalisman, S. Yochelis, A. Shemesh, G. Ben-Nissan, M. Sharon, U. Raviv, N. Adir, N. Keren, Y. Paltiel

Magnetic nanoplatelet-based spin memory device operating at ambient tempratures

G. Koplovitz, D. Primc, O. Ben Dor, S. Yochelis, D. Rotem, D. Porath, Y. Paltiel

InGaAs/GaAsSb type-II superlattice based photodiodes for short wave infrared detection

Y. Uliel, D. Cohen-Elias, N. Sicron, I. Grimberg, N. Snapi, Y. Paltiel, M. Katz

Magnetization switching in ferromagnets by adsorbed chiral molecules without current or external magnetic field

O. Ben Dor, S. Yochelis, A. Radko, K. Vankayala, E. Capua, A. Capua, SH. Yang, LT. Baczewski, S. Parkin, R. Naaman, Y. Paltiel

Sensory properties of oxide films with high concentration of conduction electrons

MA. Kozhushner, VL Bodenva, TV Belysheva, GN, Gerasimov, VF. Gromov, MI. Ikim, Y. Paltiel, EY. Spiridonova, LI Trakhtenberg

Achieving exciton delocalization in quantum dot aggregates using organic linker molecules

E. Cohen, I. Gdor, E. Romero, S. Yochelis, R. van Grondelle, Y. Paltiel

Unusual ZFC and FC magnetic behavior in thin Co multi-layered structure

O. Ben-Dor, S. Yochelis, I. Felner, Y. Paltiel

Probing Molecular-Transport Properties using the Superconducting Proximity Effect

E. Katzir, N. Sukenik, Y. Kalcheim, H. Alpern, S. Yochelis, YA. Berlin, MA. Ratner, O. Millo, Y. Paltiel

Regulating the Energy Flor in Cyanobacterial Light-Harvesting Antenna Complex

I. Eisenberg, F. Caycedo-Soler, D. Harris, S. Yochelis, SF. Huelga, MB. Plenio, N. Adir, N. Keren, Y. Paltiel


Features of the electrical and photoelectrical properties of nanocrystalline indium and zinc oxide films

TV. Belysheva, MI. Ikim, AS. Il'in, PK Kashkarov, MN. Martyshov. Y. Paltiel, LI. Trakhtenberg, NP Fantina, PA Forsh

Unconventional superconductivity induced in Nb films by adsorbed chiral molecules

H. Alpern, E. Katzir, S. Yochelis, N. Katz, Y. Paltiel and O. Millo

Unusual magnetic behavior in  chiral-based magnetic memory device

O.  Ben-Dor, S.  Yochelis, I. Felner and Y. Paltiel

Cold denaturation induces inversion of dipole and spin transfer in chiral peptide monolayers

M. Eckshtain-Levi, E. Capua, S. Rafaely-Abramson,S. Sarkar, Y. Gavrilov, S.P. Mathew,Y. Paltiel, Y. Levy,  L. Kronik and R. Naaman

Simple  down-conversion nano crystal coatings for enhancing silicon-solar cells efficiency

A. Neubauer, S. Yochelis, G. Mittelman, I. Eisenberg and Y.  Paltiel


Coupling quantum emmiters to random 2D nanoplasmonic structures

T.A.R. Purcell, M. Galanty, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel and T. Seideman

Efficient collection of light from colloidal quantum dots with a hybrid metal-dielectric nanoantenna

N. Livneh, M.G. Harats, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel and R. Rapapport

Hybrid sensor based on AlGaN/GaN molecular controlled device

M. Eckstein-Levi, E. Capua, Y. Paltiel and R. Naaman

An easily reversible structural change underlies mechanisms enabling desert crust cyanobacteria to survive desiccation

L. Bar-Eyal, I. Eisenberg, A. Faust, H. Raanan, R. Nevo, F. Rappaport, A. Krieger-Liszkay, P. Setif, A Thurotte, Z. Reich, A. Kaplan, I. Ohad, Y. Paltiel, N. Keren

Atomic structure and composition distribution in wetting layers and islands of germanium grown on silicon (001) substrates

M. Brehm, H. Groiss, Gunther Bauer, D. Gerhsen, R.  Clarke, Y. Paltiel and Y. Yacoby

Extinction enhancement from self-assembled quantum dots monolayer using a simple thin film process

M. Galanty, S. Yochelis, L. Stern, I. Dujovne, U. Levi and Y. Paltiel

Nanoscale charge separation using chiral molecules

N. Peer, I, Dujovne, S. Yochelis and Y. Paltiel

Dual mode UV/visible-IR gallium-nitride detector

I. Eisenberg, H. Alpern, V. Gutkin, S. Yochelis and Y. Paltiel

Highly sensitive room temperature infrared hybrid organic-nanocrystal detector

A. Neubauer, S. Yochelis, Y. Amit, U. Banin and Y. Paltiel

Nano bio optically tuned composite nanocrystalline cellulose films

Y. Nevo, N. Peer, S. Yochelis, M. Igbaria, S. Meirovitch, O. Shoseyov and Y. Paltiel

Hemin-G-quadruplex-crosslinked poly-N-isopropylacrylamide hydrogel: a catalytic matrix for the deposition of conductive polyaniline

C.H. Lu, W. Guo, X.J. Qi, A. Neubauer, Y. Paltiel, I. Willner


Low propagation loss in GaN/AlGaN-based ridge waveguides

O. Westreich, M. Katz, Y. Paltiel, O. Ternyak and N. Sicron

Highly directional emission of photons from nanocrystal quantum dots positioned on circular plasmonic lens antennas

M. G. Harats, N. Livneh, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel and R. Rapaport

Increasing the critical temperature of Nb films by chemically linking magnetic nanoparticles using organic molecules

E. Katzir, S. Yochelis, F. Zeides, N. Katz, S. Beherns, Y. Kalcheim, O. Millo and Y. Paltiel

Local light-induced magnetization using nanodots and chiral molecules

O. Ben-Dor, N. Morali, S. Yochelis, L.T. Baczewski and Y. Paltiel

Properties of self-assembled hybrid organic/inorganic molecule/quantum dot multilayered structures

E. Cohen, M. Gruber, E. Romero, S. Yochelis, R. van Grondelle and Y. Paltiel

Self-assembling hybrid diamond-biological quantum devices

A. Albercht, G. Koplovitz, A. Retzker, F. Jelezko, D. Porath, Y. Nevo, O. Shoseyov, Y. Paltiel and M.B. Plenio

Full spectral and angular characterization of highly directional emission from nanocrystal quantum dots positioned on circular plasmonic lenses

M. G. Harats, N. Livneh, G. Zaiats, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel, E. Lifshitz and R. Rapaport

Tunable inkjet printed hybrid carbon nanotubes/nanocrystals light sensor

E. Katzir, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel, S. Azoubel, A. Shimoni, S. Magdassi

Room temperature biological quantum walk in phycocyanin nanowires

I. Eisenberg, S. Yochelis, R. Ben-Harosh, L. David, A. Faust, N. Even-Dar, H. Taha, N.M. Haegel, N. Adir, N. Keren and Y. Paltiel


A chiral-based magnetic memory device without a permanent magnet

O. Ben-Dor, S. Yochelis, S. P. Mathew, R. Naaman, and Y. Paltiel

Mapping the energy band structure of nanocrystal monolayers under ambient conditions

S. Vortman, O. Ben-Dor, S. Yochelis, Y. Amit, and Y. Paltiel

Controlling avalanche criticality in 2D nano arrays

Y. C. Zohar, S. Yochelis, K. A. Dahmen, G. Jung and Y. Paltiel

Morphology and growth of capped Ge/Si quantum dots

Y. Yacoby, N. Elfassy, S. K. Ray, R. K. Singha, S. Das, E. Cohen, S. Yochelis, R. Clarke and Y. Paltiel


Increased superconducting properties of Nb thin film, proximity coupled to gold nano particles using linking organic molecules

Eran Katzir

Study of Epitaxial Semiconductor Quantum Dots Growth Mechanisms with Surface X-ray Diffraction and Direct Methods (HEBREW)

Eyal Cohen

Study of energy and charge transfer in hybrid multilayer nano device (HEBREW)

Avner Neubauer

Directional emission from nano-crystals monolayer coupled to a metallic sub-wavelength lattice (HEBREW)

Ayelet Strauss

Nano scale charge separation using chiral molecules

Nir Pe'er

Characterization of collective charge transfer effects in hybrid organic-inorganic system (HEBREW)

Yaalat-Chen Zohar