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The quantum nano engineering group studies quantum biological effects and utilizes the concept in the development of advanced quantum devices.

Chiral Spintronic Devices

We utilize spin effects in chiral molecules toward next-generation spintronic materials and devices.

Spin in Chiral Biological systems

We study dynamic spin effects in chiral biological systems such as protein folding, biorecognition and self assambly.

Quantum Biology

We study quantum effects in biological systems. Specifically in the process of marine photosynthesis

Probing the Spin-Coherency in Chiral Systems

We probe coherent spin transfer through chiral organic molecules toward quantum computation in ambient temperatures.  

Hybrid Superconducting-Molecular devices

We study edge proximity effects of superconductor/molecular junctions and superconductor/ferromagnet/molecular junctions . 

Green energy controlled by spin

We utilize the chiral induce spin selectivity effect toward alternative advanced batteries.

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